Help forum information

We will shortly offer a user help forum to allow anyone to post comments or requests for help on ordering, using, fitting, and any feedback or problems they may have with soundproofing.

Warning this is just a soundproofing demo at present

we are still researching suitable forum/board/wiki software so. it is not even implemented yet but these are some notes to give an idea of how the forum will work.


forum rules are as follow.
  1. no porn, spam, illegal activity is allowed
  2. we are not responsible for the comments of others.

how it will work

you will log into the forum similar to the below form
User name :
Password :

then you will submit your query or topic as below
Submit question :

once you have submitted the query you will be redirected to the most relevant forum thread where you can rate the answer relevance and if nessessary submit comments.
there may be some other options maybe show a list of topics and threads, or relevant threads etc...
Submit question :